Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chapter 5.6 - Bad Grades

"What do YOU want?" I said as Scotty walked into our living room.

He was soon followed by "Bianca! I have been SO worried about you! Are you alright?"

"Sis, I am fine, Scotty and I just needed some time alone to talk."

"What's going on and why is HE here? Hasn't he done enough already?'

"I am leaving for Bled island in an hour."

"Oh, yea, it's time already huh?"

"Yep...and Scotty is coming with me."

"What!? Bianca he is only a teenager!"

"I know Mia but we love each other very much and this is what we both want."

"Oh my god Bianca...this is just," I shook my head and just stood there for a minute, "After all we did for you! I don't understand.....Get out of our house, now. I'm not doing this anymore Bianca! both of you get out now and don't come back. Don't even ask for my help anymore."


"Mom...hey mom!"

"Yea hunny"

"Where is dad? I want to talk to you both."

"Oh, he is inside doing some paper work."

"Okay, i will be right back."

Angelo seemed so excited about something and I needed to concentrate. The events from 3 months ago with Bianca and Scotty popped into my mind at least once a day. I hated myself for saying what I said to her but it seemed like she was just going down the same dark path again.

"Alright," Julian said as he came into the living room and sat down with me, "What is the big news?"

"Well, i thought long and hard about what you guys told me and I do NOT want to go to some boarding school. So," He said as he took 4 pieces of paper out of his pocket "Here is proof #1 why you should change your minds."

"Whoa, Angelo! Straight A's, that is a huge improvement!"

"Well, that isn't all. I also need you guys to sign all 3 of these papers."

Julian and i looked at each other in shock. Not only did Angelo make the football team but he also needed a camera because he was the new yearbook photographer and he was cast as the lead in the upcoming fall play (but no one knew anything about it yet.)

"I should know more about the play in a couple weeks."

"This is fantastic son!" Julian said getting up and giving Angelo a hug "I...WE are so proud of you!"

We signed his permission slips and I gave him a hug as well.

"Why don't you boys go toss the football around while I make dinner. The girls are outside as well if you want to go spend time with them Angelo."

"So, girls," I said as I dished out dinner "Let's have your report cards."

"Yes, we know you got them because Angelo already showed us his," julian said as I noticed Gloria glare at Angelo.

As the girls passed over their report cards I noticed Gloria putting hers on the bottom.

"Fantastic Tara and Haley! They are getting A's and B's Julian," I said as I handed them to him and picked up Gloria's report card " and Gloria is getti....GLORIA! What is the meaning of this!"

"What," Julian said taking her report card from me "You aren't turning in your homework AND you are sleeping during class?!"

Gloria didn't say anything and she just looked down at her dinner and became flushed.

"Gloria," Julian started sternly, "You need to start paying attention in class and start turning in your homework...or else!"

"Mommy," Haley said in her most innocent voice trying to break the tension "Since I am doing so good in school and I am good to all the other children in school, may I please take ballet classes?"

"Daddy and I will talk about it tonight. Now all of you go wash up and get to bed. I will be up there soon to read you girls a bed time story."

"I don't know what to do about Gloria Julian," I said as I took off my robe and climbed into bed after reading the girls a story.

"We will figure it out babe," Julian said cuddling up to me "For now lets get some rest since the girls birthday is tomorrow."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter 5.5 - Busted!

"Mommy!" Haley said as she run up to me and clung to my leg as soon as I walked in the door.

"Hi hunny!"

"How was your trip?" Angelo asked me.

"Fantastic, how did it go here? Were the girls good?"

"The girls were very good, they played in their room almost the entire time." Angelo said with some hesitation in his voice.

"Are you sure?" I asked him wondering how it had really went. "What did you boys do?"

"we watched the football game and played video games."

"typical boys," Julian said as he came inside carrying the last of our luggage "Always glued to the t.v., probably watching the cheerleaders."

Angelo barely smiled and let out a small laugh before going to his room to change for his interview for a part time job at a local clothing store. He wasn't acting like himself and I knew something happened while we were gone. i was going to find out what happened and hopefully soon.

Meanwhile upstairs ~ Bianca's P.O.V.
"yes sir...a week from today..yes sir, thank you," I hung up the phone and put all of my paperwork abck in my briefcase. Moving to Bled island was going to be a huge move but i was defiantly ready. being in a new city and in a new movie was defiantly going to keep my life on track. I was still upset about what I had done to get the last of the money I needed to move.

"Bianca? I need to talk to you."

"Ok, come on in Scotty."

I had never really talked to Scotty before but he was defiantly very good looking for, especially for a teenage boy. Little did Scotty know I knew quite a bit about him, more than he knew, and that was why I have not been able to talk to him let alone look at him lately.

"Bianca, I know you know why I want to talk to you."

"No actually I don't," i said a bit surprised at his forwardness.

"Yes you do," Scotty said getting closer to me and pausing before he added, "I know you were the dancer that night Angelo and I showed up at Club Kama Simtra."

"Oh don't..."

"I also know you were the one that took me downstairs," Scotty said with a grin "And don't worry I am not going to tell your family."

I could feel the blood rushing and the heat spread across my cheeks. I felt so ashamed and wished I could take that night back. How could I have done this especially with Angelo's best friend. As I sat down and put my head in my hands with shame I could hear Scotty walking towards me.

"hey, it's ok, really," He said as he put his arm around my shoulders "It's our little secret. Besides you're hot and that night was fantastic! I would go back to that night in an instant if I could."

"Really?" I asked him, finally looking at his face.

"Yes. Look Bianca, I know there is a significant age difference between us and you might not feel the same way but I like you...a lot."

"I do feel the same way, that's why I came up to you in the club that night."

I couldn't believe I actually got up the nerve to tell him that but it was true. I don't care if people thought it was wrong, we both felt the same way and that's all that mattered. Without even thinking twice about anything (and what room we were in) we were wrapped in eachothers arms and eventually under the sheets.

The time that followed was wonderful and extremely perfect and we cuddled after until...

"Oh my god, what the hell is going on in here?!"

"Geez Angelo, don't you knock first?" I said

I wrapped the sheet around me and sat on the edge of the bed, furious and embarrassed at the same time.

"Get out of here now!" I shouted

"You, I will deal with you later!" Angelo said to Scotty with hate in his eyes.


Back to Mia:

"Angelo it has been a week," i said "Are you still upset?"

"Obviously mom, he said to me "How could this happen? I don't even want to see Scotty or Aunt Bianca around here anymore!"

"Hunny, i'm so sorry and I am upset to. Bianca shouldn't have done this, I don't know what she was thin...."

*Ring Ring*

"Hold on Angelo"

I dug my phone out of my purse, looked at the screen, and knew this was important. The parents from school/the neighborhood never call me.

"Hello...Hi Mr. Striker, can I help you?" As I listened to him I looked over at Angelo," He did WHAT!? I am very sorry, I will handle this right now!"

I hung up the phone and set it down on the counter.

"Angelo Abruzzi! How about you tell me what happened while we were on vacation?"

"Nothing mom..."

"Stop Angelo, that was Mr. Striker," I said crossing my arms "He said you and Scotty egged his house. Why?"

"I'm sorry mom, I..."

*Ring Ring*

"What now?" I said as I picked up my phone, "Hi Mrs. Lum, how are you?"

I could not believe what i was hearing. I thought I had raised Angelo better than this.

"I assure you I did NOT ok that and it wont happen again. Thank you for letting me know."

I hung up the phone again and turned around to Angelo, "Seems to me a lot has happened while we were gone. I am giving you one last chance to tell me what happened."

Without saying anything Angelo walked into the dining room.

"You better stop right now mister. Again tell me what really happened because according to Mrs. Lum her son was a little sick when he got home."

"Ok, ok...alright. Scotty and I did egg the Strikers house but we also threw a party and invited a bunch of people over. I know it was wrong and i'm sorry. It wont happen again without your permission I promise."

"Well, thank you for finally being honest but you are still grounded for 2 weeks. School, work, and back home, that is it. I am telling you right now Angelo, if things do not start to change with you you will be going to a boarding school!"

"Angelo nodded his head and then went up to his room.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chapter 5.4 - When The Cats Away the Mice Will Play!

"Bye you guys," I shouted

"Don't forget the rules and take care of your sisters," my mom said as they drove away.

As I shut the door a huge smile crept across my face.

"Oh man, this is just perfect!" i said to Scotty

"I know, so what's the plan?"

"It's time to go on SimBook and post an event for a big party here tomorrow."

"Yes, and invite a ton of popular kids. We get them to show up and the girls will come."

As I posted the party info and invited about 10 people I thought of one girl I wanted to see. Not only was she gorgeous but she was the only popular girl that would actually talk to me. This girl was so sweet and caring and as I looked at her picture on SimBook I prayed that she would give me a chance to prove that we should be together.

"Holy paradise!" I heard Scotty say behind me, "Who is that little sex kitten?"

"Satine," I answered still in deep thought,"Don't call her a sex kitten either. She's not like that and she is the only one I want to be with."

"Oh sorry dude, man you are whipped. Wait a minute, who is THAT?" Scotty said pointing to a girl on Satine's friends list.

"Hmmm, according to this that is Tiana. Oh I have seen her before, she is one of Satine's closest friends and she is in my Creative Writing class."

"You have GOT to invite her!"

The Next Evening

"You girls need to stay up here. Play with your dolls, blocks, computer or whatever it is that you little kids do."

"Why can't we go downstairs or outside to play?" Tara asked me.

"Because i'm in charge and mom said you girls need to do what i say."

"Mhm," Haley said, "lets go play you guys, Angelo is in one of his moods."

Back downstairs I made sure everything was cleaned and I turned the stereo on and changed it to a hiphop station. No sooner did I turn the station on, the doorbell rang.

"Oh yea, it's party time!" Scotty said as I walked to the front door, immediately seeing the person who rang the doorbell, it was her.

I opened the door and let everyone inside. I couldn't believe how many people had showed up. As I looked around the living room at the mass of people I saw that Scotty was already getting close to Tiana.

"Wow, he sure doesn't waste any time does he?" I thought to myself.

I hadn't seen Satine since I let everyone in and I was beginning to think that she thought this party was lame and left. I grabbed a drink from the bar and walked through the crowd of people in my house searching for the only one I wanted to see. With all the people that were here I figured she would still be here but she probably had a boyfriend and was out with him now. I was a fool to think she would stick around for my party.

"Great party Angelo."

When i turned around I immediately felt better. Satine was still here, in my living room, talking to me.

"Thank you, not bad for being last minute."

"Who is Tiana with? they sure are comfortable with each other."

"That's my friend Scotty, he' to Bridgeport." I said as I noticed they were still making out.

"Well, good for them," She said smiling.

Satine and I ended up chatting for the rest of the night. We got along great and it turned out we actually had a lot in common, a lot of the same interests.

The party was a big hit and everyone left in a fantastic mood. People would be talking about this party for ages! After I checked on my sister, who were already asleep, i realized that it was up to me to clean the house before my parents came home. It was a lot to get done but I was finally able to go to 4 in the morning!




"Dude, wake up! We need to get rid of this stereo before your parents get home!" Scotty said.

"Oh crap!" I said jumping out of bed "I forgot all about the new stereo!"

We ran downstairs and took the stereo apart enough to move it.

"Where are we going to put this?"

"Umm...I don't...oh I know where! Follow me!"

Scotty followed me to our backyard, to the building, adn up the stairs. As I opened the door i could tell Scotty was about to say something.

"What man?"

"Are you sure we can hide the stereo here?"

"Are you kidding me? My parents haven't even been up here since it was built. It's suppose to be the Butlers room but we don't have a butler yet. Besides it only needs to stay up here until I get a job. then I can just tell mom and dad that i bought it with my pay check."

"Ah, true true. Ok cool."

We put the stereo in the bedroom, locked the door on the way out, went back downstairs and into the house. I made my sisters hot dogs for lunch and while we were sitting there I heard the garage door open and my parents pull in.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chapter 5.3 - Teen Boys

The next morning I could tell Angelo was still mad at me for our argument last night. he ate breakfast and then went into the art room to work with his chemistry set. I felt bad for yelling at him but he is a teen now and he really needs to give up this childhood fantasy of having an imaginary friend. An hour later Angelo came back inside and hollered for me.

"Coming," I said as I walked into the living room, noticing a young man I had never seen before with Angelo.

"Mom, i want you to meet Scotty."

"Scotty?" I said as I thought to myself "Isn't that the name of his imaginary friend?"

An hour ago
"I will prove to them that you are real," Angelo said to Scotty as he worked hard at his chemistry set "Just one more ingredient and.."


"It's done! Are you ready to become real, wait lets go outside first," Angelo said looking at Scotty and then looking around "It would probably be best if we weren't around all of these chemicals.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs Abruzzi," Scotty said shaking my hand.

"You too."

"Mom, can we finish my driving lessons now so Scotty and I can go to the school pep rally?"

"Yea, that's fine. We only have to do one more hour."

We finished his driving lessons and when we got back home I let the boys go out.

"Just be home before curfew and be careful!"

"We will," Angelo said as they drove away.

Angelo's P.O.V.
"Man, this is going to be great and telling my mom we wanted to go to a pep rally was a good idea!"
"Hell yea! What are we going to do first?"
"I say we prank the Striker's first, I hate those guys!" I said as we parked down the street and picked up a carton of eggs "With these!"

We walked up to their house and started hurling eggs at their house. Within seconds their front door was smeared with eggs, dripping down to the ground.

We noticed someone coming to the door so we ran back to the car and took off.

"Hahaha, that was awesome and we didn't even get caught!"
"I know dude," I said "My parents are going to freak if they find out!"

We started to drive towards downtown with the stereo blasting when a commercial came on.

"Attention all of you teen and athletic junkies out there in Bridgeport. If you think you got what it takes to compete against some of the top athletes and you want to put your muscles to the test come on down to Llama Stadium and compete in the Amateur Olympics. Win and you will be taking home the $3,000 grand prize!

And for all you young adults and adults out there come check out Bridgeport's new dance club/entertainment club, Club Kama Simtra. it's sure to get you up and dancing and get your heart pumping!"

I looked at Scotty and knew we were thinking the same thing!

"$3,000 grand prize?" He said
"and a new club?" Scotty said
"Let's do this, maybe we can get some hot chicks!"

With that we went to the stadium, signed up for the Olympics, and then we competed in the long 2 hour competition.

2 hours later
"Geez man, that was a vicious challenge."
"No kidding but at least we won. Now we can take this 3 grand and spend it on booze and girls."

Club Kama Simtra was any mans dream come true (or women's dream come true) from the moment you walked through the doors. Not only did it have a bar and catwalk but downstairs there were 4 "fantasy" rooms to fulfill any desire.

We went straight to the bar, tossed back a few drinks, and watched the girls on stage.

"Hey Angelo," Scotty said tugging on my shirt sleeve "Doesn't that girl over there look familiar?"

I looked at the girl he was pointing at and ended up doing a double take. The girl did look very familiar but I couldn't think of anything until...

"She almost looks like your Aunt Bianca," Scotty said "Only hotter."

Right about then the girl walked up to Scotty, whispered in his ear and then he handed her some money and they went downstairs. He was doing the same thing I wanted to do but the other girls here weren't even worth it!


When I saw Scotty coming back towards me with a huge smile on his face awhile later I was going to ask him all about his little rendezvous with the girl but then my phone rang. Lucky for me they had just turned the music off in between "acts" because it was my mom.

"Hey mom, what's up?"

"I know you still have a few hours before curfew but I need you to come home now."

"Oh...ok, we are on our way."

I hung up the phone and got Scotty.

"hey, I gotta go home. I think something might be wrong with my family. My mom said a bit distracted."

"Alright, i'll go with you. I hope everything is ok."

Back at home ~ Mia's P.O.V.
"Angelo, i'm glad you're home," Julian said "Hi Scotty."

"Hi Mr Abruzzi."

"What's going on dad?" Angelo said "Mom sounded a little anxious on the phone."

"I am anxious," I said as i walked into the kitchen "Me, your dad, and your Aunt Bianca have won a 2 day vacation to a wine club in Bled island. We leave in an hour."

"Cool mom!" Angelo said as he glanced at Scotty, the both of them smiling "Sounds like fun!"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chapter 5.2 - Our Babies :(

Just a few months had passed since I was able to get Bianca her job back and now she seemed more alive than ever. She was working almost every single day, constantly doing interviews, being a spokesperson for anti-drug ads, and making appearances on many t.v. shows.

While the kids were playing and Julian was making dinner, I was trying to finish up some last minute paperwork for a big meeting with a potential client that my office would be meeting with the next day.

**Knock Knock**

"Mia?" Bianca said as she slowly opened the door," Do you have a moment?"

"Not really sis but come on in and sit down."

"How are you feeling? You look great, I love the new makeover."

"I am feeling great and thank you. I want you and Julian to know how much I have appreciated all of your help. I could never have gotten through any of this without your help. But I have some major exciting news!"

"Oh yea?"

"Yes, first I got a makeover because I have been promoted to feature Actress. I landen the role in the new horror movie Descent 2 that comes out next summer."

"That's awesome Mia!"

"That's not all, I finally have enough money saved up to get my own place which is perfect because I have to move to Bled Island for this new role."

"You're moving out...already?" It made me sad to hear this because I have loved having Mia with us these past couple years.

"Yes, but if it's ok with you I would like to stay until after the kids birthdays and maybe a couple weeks after that. I don't want to miss them grow up."

"Of course it's ok Bianca!"

I gave Bianca a big hug and then we heard Julian calling us for dinner. We all sat down as a family and had spaghetti for dinner. It was nice, talking about nearly everything and as we were finishing up the girls decided to toss their food all over the place. We all chuckled a little and cleaned everything up, then us adults watched terror t.v. and exclaimed about how Bianca would be on this channel soon.

"Mommy, Mommy!" Angelo called as I was coming downstairs.

"I'm right here Angelo."

"I want you to come meet my friend."

"Friend? Wait, why do you have a friend over at 9:30 at night, especially on a school night?"

"My friend said to call him Scotty, he's right here."

As Angelo pointed next to him i realized what was going on.

"Hunny, that's not a real friend, you made up an imaginary friend to keep you company."

"What are you talking about mom, he's right here."

Angelo got a confused look on his face and walked away towards the playset. I watched him as he got on the seesaw and was shocked to see him actually seesawing back and forth. How in the world was he doing that by himself?

It was time to make an appointment with the school counselor to see if she has noticed anything strange with Angelo at school. But first I needed to concentrate on the kids birthdays tomorrow. We were finally going to have the whole family over and I was very excited. I hadn't seen most of my family in so many years.

The next morning I made crepes for breakfast, finished cleaning the house, and then set out all of the balloons and cakes for the party. We were all anxious to see our family and not long after we were done everyone showed up. Hours of laughing, joking, and catching up later it was time to light the candles and celebrate the kids birthdays as they all were overcome with the familiar shimmering sparkles.

Our kids were getting so big, neither of us could believe how smoothly their childhood had been so far but we weren't complaining. If their whole life could run this smooth we would be happy but we knew that wouldn't happen. Wishful thinking I guess.

(top to bottom - Angelo, Haley, Tara, and Gloria)

"Hey mom."

"Yes Angelo," I said as I came back from throwing away all the garbage from the party.

"Do you care if I go downtown with Scotty?"

"Angelo! You have got to forget about Scotty, he's not real!"

I could see the hurt in his eyes but he was a teenager now and he needed to realize the truth.

"I'm sorry but until you give up this imaginary friend you wont be going out and I wont be teaching you to drive."

"Gosh, this is bullshit! I will prove to you AND dad that he is real!"

Before I could say anything to Angelo about the language he dared to use towards me, he stormed off and locked himself in his room.