Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chapter 5.6 - Bad Grades

"What do YOU want?" I said as Scotty walked into our living room.

He was soon followed by "Bianca! I have been SO worried about you! Are you alright?"

"Sis, I am fine, Scotty and I just needed some time alone to talk."

"What's going on and why is HE here? Hasn't he done enough already?'

"I am leaving for Bled island in an hour."

"Oh, yea, it's time already huh?"

"Yep...and Scotty is coming with me."

"What!? Bianca he is only a teenager!"

"I know Mia but we love each other very much and this is what we both want."

"Oh my god Bianca...this is just," I shook my head and just stood there for a minute, "After all we did for you! I don't understand.....Get out of our house, now. I'm not doing this anymore Bianca! both of you get out now and don't come back. Don't even ask for my help anymore."


"Mom...hey mom!"

"Yea hunny"

"Where is dad? I want to talk to you both."

"Oh, he is inside doing some paper work."

"Okay, i will be right back."

Angelo seemed so excited about something and I needed to concentrate. The events from 3 months ago with Bianca and Scotty popped into my mind at least once a day. I hated myself for saying what I said to her but it seemed like she was just going down the same dark path again.

"Alright," Julian said as he came into the living room and sat down with me, "What is the big news?"

"Well, i thought long and hard about what you guys told me and I do NOT want to go to some boarding school. So," He said as he took 4 pieces of paper out of his pocket "Here is proof #1 why you should change your minds."

"Whoa, Angelo! Straight A's, that is a huge improvement!"

"Well, that isn't all. I also need you guys to sign all 3 of these papers."

Julian and i looked at each other in shock. Not only did Angelo make the football team but he also needed a camera because he was the new yearbook photographer and he was cast as the lead in the upcoming fall play (but no one knew anything about it yet.)

"I should know more about the play in a couple weeks."

"This is fantastic son!" Julian said getting up and giving Angelo a hug "I...WE are so proud of you!"

We signed his permission slips and I gave him a hug as well.

"Why don't you boys go toss the football around while I make dinner. The girls are outside as well if you want to go spend time with them Angelo."

"So, girls," I said as I dished out dinner "Let's have your report cards."

"Yes, we know you got them because Angelo already showed us his," julian said as I noticed Gloria glare at Angelo.

As the girls passed over their report cards I noticed Gloria putting hers on the bottom.

"Fantastic Tara and Haley! They are getting A's and B's Julian," I said as I handed them to him and picked up Gloria's report card " and Gloria is getti....GLORIA! What is the meaning of this!"

"What," Julian said taking her report card from me "You aren't turning in your homework AND you are sleeping during class?!"

Gloria didn't say anything and she just looked down at her dinner and became flushed.

"Gloria," Julian started sternly, "You need to start paying attention in class and start turning in your homework...or else!"

"Mommy," Haley said in her most innocent voice trying to break the tension "Since I am doing so good in school and I am good to all the other children in school, may I please take ballet classes?"

"Daddy and I will talk about it tonight. Now all of you go wash up and get to bed. I will be up there soon to read you girls a bed time story."

"I don't know what to do about Gloria Julian," I said as I took off my robe and climbed into bed after reading the girls a story.

"We will figure it out babe," Julian said cuddling up to me "For now lets get some rest since the girls birthday is tomorrow."